Monday, March 26, 2007

Autumn, March, and Flowers, oh my.

Autumn's hanging around the house now, it's still a little tentative, occasionally ducks off to more southern climes, or hides in the laundry, but today was really autumnal, and it's supposed to get down to 17 degrees c tonight, which is almost snuggly. I love Brisbane in the Autumn, there's less sweat, and the sky, well I love the sky this time of year.

Augie March were a bit patchy on Friday, but I don't know if that was my mood or the band. When it worked they were brilliant, Cold Acre and Mother Greer were highlights, as was a pitch perfect rendition of Bottle Baby. Lyrically there's probably not a better band in Australia – which is a big call – but there's a wonderful multiplicity of meanings in every song. Glenn Richards is a poet and a master of the well turned, and, oft-disquieting phrase. But I just didn't feel that they connected with the audience on Friday, in fact they seemed a bit tired. The last band I saw at the Zoo, the Twilight Singers ,with Greg Dulli laugh-scowling at the crowd, and challenging them not to like it (as well as a quietly charismatic Mark Lanagan), were so good it's lifted my expectations. Then again, I loved Augie March last time I saw them, so let's just say it was me.

One thing I unreservedly enjoyed was Jay Lake's "Trial of Flowers" I see he's writing a sequel and I'll be getting that the moment it comes out. Trial was such a clever book, with echoes of so many other books – Jay tips his hat to the genre of decadent urban(e) fantasy with absolute assurance. Jay didn't shy away from its character's dark sides, and those dark sides come with consequences.

Here's hoping this one finds a UK distributor, the Nightshade edition is awfully pretty, and you should get it, what with the Australian dollar being so strong at the moment, but it would be nice to see this one as a nice UK mass market paperback, I definitely feel it would have a readership, as well as deserves one (which is a different thing).

Getting the words down these last few weeks, lost of words, and mostly coherent, even plot like.

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