Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday, as the storm came in, I started work on a final scene linking the old draft with the new stuff. I’ve added Eight thousand words to the front end of the book. Oddly enough the story features storms, as did that scene, so it helped with some of the detail as dark clouds slid over Brisbane suburbia, and a few hundred birds, parrots in the main, found noisy refuge in the trees behind our place – it’s once an indignant and nervous sort of background noise, all those parrots suddenly in one place.

I’m now onto the structural edit proper, but those new words have put what is to come into perspective. I’m confident it’s going to be a much better book by the time I’m done

Trentonomicon has Moved

I've a shiny new site here. Check it out. I'll be cross-posting for a while. But the new site will have more information about the forthcoming books and whatnot.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

this blog still lives, though it's heart is beating very, very slowly. I've just finished and submitted book two of Death Works. Managing Death is a different creature to Death Most Definite. But every book is different, and characters change - it's what makes them interesting.

Now when I say "finished" I don't mean finished at all. Just one stage is done, there'll be several more before the book sees* print in December. But this is perhaps the most important one. It's me getting the book off, getting other eyes to look at it, and getting some distance. This is the joy of deadlines, if I didn't have one I think I could hold onto this book indefinitely.

But I did, and the book is gone. So hello, dear old Blog, and the rumblings of book Three, and all those other yearnings(and fears) that are stories in the making.

Deadlines are wonderful things, but it's great to have a little distance between yourself and the next one.

*unless it's really, really awful - which you always think it is at this stage, and at various other stages, whenever you get too close and lose sight of the whole thing - which is often. Let's hope it's not, eh.