Thursday, December 10, 2009

Loud Music

I’ve been furiously working on book two*, after finishing copy edits of book one**.

I’m finding that it’s music that is getting me through the sluggish parts of the day, which are many in a Brisbane Summer. And what is it that I’m listening to. For one a whole heap of stuff by Killswitch Engage – metal seems to keep my mind on target – and then I’ve just started playing a newish album by Lightning Dust there’s a glorious and elegant apocalyptic flavour to their work.

It's funny but through most of the process of writing book one it was Spoon, Okkervil River*** and Gotye until right at the end when I went all Emo. This time around it was mainly Okkervil River, the Editors, and the Decemberists - with a touch of Killswitch at the beginning. I thought this was going to be my Americana book but the pendulum has definitely swung to metal again.

That’s about it as I try to unsnare odd and contradictory plots, and smooth out timelines. Brain is well and truly frazzled.

Hoping to get my read-through edit of book two finished tomorrow. Wish me luck.

*book two being Managing Death.

**Book One being Death Most Definite.

***Still the best band ever and, hands down, my favourite live act.

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