Monday, December 07, 2009

Aurealis Awards

The Aurealis Awards shortlist has been released, and what a great list it is. Congratulations to everyone that's on it. I've so many friends and favourite stories on this list that I honestly couldn't pick a winner without changing my mind half an hour later. Though it's particularly exciting to see Peter M Ball up for so many awards, and Tansy for her excellent Siren Beat.

Not to mention Keith for his excellent job editing X6 - he deserves it - and Paul Haines for Wives. Hell, it's a great bunch this year so good luck to you all, I'll be coming along for what I reckon will be a fantastic party.

I've been working away furiously on copy-edits for Death Most Definite. Finished them on Friday (I hope, any problems that book possesses are no-one's fault but mine now, I've had some of the best editorial guidance of my life on Death Most - thank you, Hachette) and then had two Xmas parties to attend - with work at Avid in the middle - seriously hit the wall today. Got up to work on a draft of the Business of Death and found I was just too tired* to concentrate at all. So have spent the day recovering, even went off and finished my Christmas shopping.

Now, I'm going to finish reading Jeff Vandermeer's Finch, then play around on what will hopefully become my new website in 2010.

*Okay, I may also have been slightly hung-over.

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