Saturday, November 14, 2009

These next two weeks

are nose to the grindstone sort of weeks. I'm close to finishing book two, which has been a perilous and fun endeavour, and I reckon isn't a bad book at all, and may even be a good book in which bad things happen.

I spent the last two days in Sydney which was great fun. Firstly the launch of X6 of which Cat Sparks writes about here. I got to feel all authorly and hang out with some of my favourite people, all of whom I count myself lucky to call friends. Even if Terry Dowling makes me feel tongue-tied, I mean, Terry Dowling! I've been reading him since I was a teen - so of course I forgot to get my book signed. And then Margo, I was too busy bullshitting on with her and Steven, to get my book signed. So I've got a half signed copy of X6, maybe I should fly back down to Sydney, just so I can feel a real sense of closure with this book

Keith organised a wonderful launch (damn, another person whose signature I should have gotten, sorry Keith) and he and Nicola were excellent hosts, putting me and Mr Paul Haines up for the night.

I also went to Hachette's offices, home of Orbit Australia, and met the wonderful staff there, and had coffee with my publisher, the lovely Bernadette Foley, and talked about deadlines, and books, and I got to see my cover.

How cool is that!

It's not quite finished, but what I've seen of it is excellent, and it captures the mood of the book, and what the book is very well. The moment I can show it here I will.

Yep, the cover.

The cover that is going to be on my US, UK and AUS editions. Not bad for a Brisbane boy.

Of course, I still managed to get lost on the way to the X6 book launch*, and get caught in a very Brisbanesque** storm - black clouds, crackling lightning, and drenching rain that ran through the city in less than half an hour.

I `ain't that clever.

*Sydney is so much bigger than Brisbane.
**Note how Queenslander's always appropriate the weather. It's what we do - we also wrestle crocodiles, when we're not at Broncos matches.