Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Link of Neatness

Storms have raced through Brisbane. We missed the worst of them here, though the lightning was spectacular.

I've had a slowish day writing wise. Just a bit under six hundred words, but they were important words. I'm glad I took it easy, I'm actually quite anxious to hit the novel tomorrow. I've that deep desire to push ahead and take my characters with me, which I certainly didn't have today - though I now have a relatively clean fishpond, and a replacement pump for the one that died*. So, hey, the fish are winners and I'm hungry to write.

Talking of writing there's a fab interview with Angela Slatter here. Angela is one of the most talented writers I know and she has some words of wisdom. My favourite being "Your guiding light has to be desire." You can put that into context by following the link.

Angela's a writer to watch**. She has been for years now. Expect her to explode in the coming year. Not literally but literaturally (yes, I just lamely invented a word, see that's why I stopped at six hundred words today).

*Yes I have fish. Three gold fish, it used to be five, but one of the bigger fish got hungry...
**Which is just code for "Trent is extremely jealous of her talent."

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