Sunday, October 25, 2009

Once a month

does not a vibrant blog make.

I'll be better, I promise.

This is my favourite little ramble-home, knitted up with my lit loves, and I've been so neglectful of late. That's because deadlines loom and the world has been a bit nasty (as the world often is - not to say that it isn't also wonderful, but it's a wonderful with teeth and an ironic sense of humour).

But I'll find more words for this space. Dear little blog has grown most gaunt, and for no reason but my own distraction.

It's draw a line in the sand time at Trentonomicon. Starting now.

Current things that excite me include:

1. Nearly finishing Managing Death - it's getting close, very close.

2.Jeff Vandermeer's new novel Finch - I was lucky enough to hear him read from it, which is really lucky considering the rather large distances that separate Qld from Florida.

3.My little bookclub at Avid. The Science Fiction Sunday folk who have let me and my partner in crime Paul Landymore direct their reading these last twelve months with everything from Moorcock to Mirrlees and de Pierres. We just finished reading Lud-in-the-Mist. How many reading groups read Lud-in-the-Mist after reading Behold the Man? They're a great bunch - and any Brisbanites are invited to join follow this link

4.My wife who has finally entered the digital age and bought a lap-top. A greater leap I have never seen her take. Of course, she always excites me - who else puts up with my jokes.

5.The possibility of rain tomorrow. Three wet days. All I need to blast deadlines into oblivion.

I'll let you know about 5, and 1 soon. Though 2 threatens to stall 1. 2 is extremely hard to resist - but I must, though we'll probably discuss it in 3. I wonder if 4 will check up on this?

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