Monday, October 26, 2009


the rain has come, the roof is singing, and I’m in the middle of my final read through of my structural edits for Death Most Definite. The book is going off to Orbit no later than Wednesday, and I’m doing a desperate last minute rush to make sure there are as few discrepancies, typos and passive sentences as possible for the next stage – the copyedit.

At this stage I am far too close to the novel to do anything but this line-by-line focus. I can’t tell if it works, if the pacing is right, if it even makes sense. Fairly standard feelings at this stage in the lifecycle of writing a book. At the same time I’m beating book two Managing Death into shape, there are some scenes in that novel that I am very proud of. In this final stage of getting the draft completed things are still exciting to me, but I can feel the lure of book three The Business of Death on the horizon – which is about right too.

Well, head down, arse up. There's books to be written.

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