Sunday, September 06, 2009

For Me it's All About Being Creative

Writing is about play.

For me that's the most important part. It's the joyous fusion of words to make cool sentences and stories. The snout that sniffs after obsessions. It's about making shit up. It's about getting into someone else's head with the most elegant and inadequate tool we possess. It's about yelling, look at me! Before you tumble into a heap. It's about being the fool, and the oracle, and hoping that your stuff doesn't stink too badly.

Writing is about surprising yourself. It's a ship of verse, a rattling hearse with two flat tyres. It's sitting on your arse and typing till your fingers ache and your eyes burn. It's scrawling in notebooks on the bus.

It's the most terrifying thing I do.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Busy like a bee that's busy

Everything is busy-ness this week. I've worked out that between Avid and teaching (well, mainly marking) I've worked over a fifty hour week, and it's only wednesday. On top of that I've managed to get some work on my structural edit done.

Book two has languished a little this week, though I think that's a good thing. It's given me plenty of time to run various plot permutations through in my head - which happens at the most inconvenient times, usually in the middle of conversations or when someone is spelling their name at work. It's good to have some tension between what you're writing and the real world, it's then that you realize just what a comfort writing, and the act of writing is. It's joyous unconsidered comfort.

So, at this stage what have I got? Well, a reasonably well structured first quarter of book one - with logic holes plugged, and some clunky sentences removed - and a very rough, very shallow first draft - really little more than bones and hollow ones at that - but there's something there.

So not too bad.