Saturday, August 22, 2009

Structural Edits and a Week of Hard Work Ahead

This was a week of distractions, as I tried to get my head around my structural edits. It wasn't so much that I disagreed with them - in fact I think I'm very very much on the same page(s) (and pages) with my editors - but how to get started.

I opted, as I often do, with the sidewise approach. A book of post it notes, a notepad, and lots of scrawling on the manuscript as well.

The story's already looking more cohesive - and post-it-note covered - and there's some nice character notes that weren't quite as pronounced in the draft I sent to Orbit. What's more I'm starting to get a better feel for book two. There were several story threads I'd actually forgotten about (oh, the shame) that explain things I was reaching for (without quite knowing why) in book two.

If I can pull this off book two will be rather entertaining indeed. Thanks too to my friend Krissy Kneen and her loan of the Penguin Book of Death. Another neat addition to my Death reading, are the works of Sir James George Frazer. Research is colour and breadth, my friends. And it's such a lot of fun. I really hope people enjoy my rather cut-up approach to death folklore. I'm a bit of a magpie, if something glitters in the right way I have to have it.

Have just started watching the Wire. What a fabulous series, between it and True Blood season two, I've more than enough television viewing for the next couple of months.

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