Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sometimes it's the little

milestones that keep you going. I broke the 30k mark on the new novel today, wrote some rather harrowing scenes - the sort that pick at your personal fears - and started filling in some scenes that were rather loose.

My first drafts are rather windswept affairs, high on feeling and action, and not so full of sense, but the story is taking root and I 'm starting to catch sight, over this hill and that dale of text, of the ending, and I'm thinking that this book may even be better than the first one.

What's even more important is that, while each of these books is a separate entity, I now have a very clear picture of what the next book is going to be (and, heaven help me, if I get a chance to write it, the one after that).

I never thought I'd get a chance to create my own mythos*, but I have, and I'm taking a deathly** serious stab at it. How often do you get the opportunity to probe the loose teeth of your psyche and get paid for it?

*Though if you're interested I have another story cycle, which has something of a conclusion in this. Though I do want to write more stories about a certain cattish ship called Trim when I have time.

**yes, that really is a horrible pun.

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