Monday, July 06, 2009

I'm not

a big fan of word counts - though I'm always curious to see what other writers are up to, it's never really the number of words that I'm interested in but the particular words used and their combination with other words, that make up the molecular chemistry of their stories. Which is really just to say that numbers aren't that exciting, unless they're your numbers.

The words I got down today are very much keeping me on track - hoping to have a rough (very rough) draft of the next book finished in the next six weeks. Also discovered a few things I didn't know about my characters, which is always exciting - one of my leads is developing a drinking problem (and, no, that is not autobiographical), another is seeing rather too much of themselves in a person they despise, and Snowball Earth is proving to be an important and rather unexpected plot point.

I've pretty much put down the pivotal scenes, and am starting to link them up and, in the linking, see what's working and what isn't. If it all goes to plan I should have a cohesive draft by the middle of August. Fingers crossed, eh.

A few things arrived via email and the post today that made me feel rather chuffed - including the copyedits of Iron Temple (maybe the last Space Operaish thing I ever write. Keith Stevenson's done a fabulous job, and I don't think I made it easy on him) and a package from Orbit of some very enticing novels - more about these later, eh.

Iron Temple's noisy and messy, and I'm really very nervous about it. I know X6 is going to be fabulous but that story burned serious holes in my cortex. I'll be interested to see how it's received. In fact, I'll be interested in what I think about it when I read the copyedit.

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