Monday, March 30, 2009


you work on a project that just seems to take up so much mental space that you end up feeling like you're under a cloud every single day, a low black cloud that has you hunched over - much as I am hunched over the keyboard now - and frowning. 

Which isn't to say that it isn't fun as well, but jeez Iron Temple has taken a lot out of me, and I think I've learnt as much how not to write a novella as how to write one, and that next time I get the chance to - if there is a next time - I'll work on something a little less complex - maybe my boy and his monster idea (set around the Gunnedah golf course) or maybe something with only one POV character.

I just wanted to do something very different for X6, and I don't know if it's worked or not.  To be honest I'm so close to it that I'll never really be able to judge, but at the moment it's clunky and glorious, and difficult, and stupid and glimmering. All of which I kind of wanted it to be. And it may just suck - which I certainly don't want - but you'll get the chance to see in a few months when it comes out.  And if it doesn't work, no loss to you, dear reader, there's five other wonderful novellas in there.

Of course, my ego will be somewhat bruised if it is awful. But the amount I've bled over this, and the stuff I've learnt, well maybe that doesn't matter. If it's a failure, then it's an ambitious one - that's got to mean something, right?


Alisa said...

What's the point if there's no risk?

Trent Jamieson said...

Totally. Writing would be a dull and unattractive thing indeed.