Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank You

Thank you to whoever nominated Day Boy for a BSFA award. That was very nice indeed. Day Boy is one of those stories that I still get nice emails about, which pleases this little writer very much.

I've been all novelish and novellaish of late - more on the latter soon - but after the busyness of March, I am expecting to finish some new shorts. They're there, the foundations are poured so to speak, I've just got to work them into a presentable state. If I don't finish "Rope" and "Secret Dialogues of Birds" this year, I think I may just pull out all my hair.

That said, my story "Neighbourhood of Dead Monsters" should be out in Aurealis 42 in the next few weeks, and I've another story "The Driver's Assistant" (a jolly little tale about water shortages and infanticide) due out in the next little while.

That and the Iron Temple novella in X6 look to be the only stories I'm expecting to see in print this year. So it could be a bit of a quiet one.

Early days though, early days. And there are three different novels circling around like sharks, so you never know...

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