Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Furiously Drawing to a Close

Now, I've mentioned Chris Currie's wonderful story-a-day-for-a year-blog Furious Horses here before. But let me mention it again. Chris' Sisyphean task has nearly drawn to a close.

In the past year other writers were busy out getting drunk, driving expensive sports cars, and having adventures with their agents, Chris has sat in his room, his sensitive face lit by his computer monitor, and tapped at the keyboard with increasingly long and twisty fingernails - occasionally one breaks, and he has a finger better able to type: they're the weeks where the stories run to thousands of words.

Soon though, he will finally cut his nails, wash his scraggly Jesusesque hair, shave his beard, remove the sundry effluvial buckets that line his room*, and return to the world. Let's make him feel that it was all worth it.

Check it out while there are still fresh stories coming. You'll be delighted, I guarantee it.**

*he'd get more visitors if he just paid someone to do that for him.

**but not in any legally binding fashion.

1 comment:

Christopher Currie said...

I may wash my hair, but I will NEVER remove the sundry effluvial buckets!