Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank You

Thank you to whoever nominated Day Boy for a BSFA award. That was very nice indeed. Day Boy is one of those stories that I still get nice emails about, which pleases this little writer very much.

I've been all novelish and novellaish of late - more on the latter soon - but after the busyness of March, I am expecting to finish some new shorts. They're there, the foundations are poured so to speak, I've just got to work them into a presentable state. If I don't finish "Rope" and "Secret Dialogues of Birds" this year, I think I may just pull out all my hair.

That said, my story "Neighbourhood of Dead Monsters" should be out in Aurealis 42 in the next few weeks, and I've another story "The Driver's Assistant" (a jolly little tale about water shortages and infanticide) due out in the next little while.

That and the Iron Temple novella in X6 look to be the only stories I'm expecting to see in print this year. So it could be a bit of a quiet one.

Early days though, early days. And there are three different novels circling around like sharks, so you never know...

Furiously Drawing to a Close

Now, I've mentioned Chris Currie's wonderful story-a-day-for-a year-blog Furious Horses here before. But let me mention it again. Chris' Sisyphean task has nearly drawn to a close.

In the past year other writers were busy out getting drunk, driving expensive sports cars, and having adventures with their agents, Chris has sat in his room, his sensitive face lit by his computer monitor, and tapped at the keyboard with increasingly long and twisty fingernails - occasionally one breaks, and he has a finger better able to type: they're the weeks where the stories run to thousands of words.

Soon though, he will finally cut his nails, wash his scraggly Jesusesque hair, shave his beard, remove the sundry effluvial buckets that line his room*, and return to the world. Let's make him feel that it was all worth it.

Check it out while there are still fresh stories coming. You'll be delighted, I guarantee it.**

*he'd get more visitors if he just paid someone to do that for him.

**but not in any legally binding fashion.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Bondi Vet, Really?

Um, am I the only one who can't believe that Channel Ten is doing a show called Bondi Vet? What's next? Maybe Bondi Writer. Picture it, writing and surfing, with just a touch of skin cancer. Oh, and they'd need an author with abs, serious abs. Any suggestions?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Diana

Happy birthday, babe.


well, I've been back from teaching at Clarion for a couple of days. I had the most amazing experience, the students were generous, and courteous. Their critiquing of a very high level, as you would expect: after four weeks. And they were just a fine bunch of people to be around and get to know a little.

Considering when I got the offer to do this (little more than two weeks ago) I thought I was going to throw up, I didn't do too badly. And, as always I learnt so much: not least, this time, that putting yourself out of your comfort zone is one of the most important things you can do (that, and eating oily fish).

Jeff Vandermeer has them this week, and I know he's going to energize and excite them: not only is he a very fine writer, but a fabulous and insightful teacher. Glad I could steer them through the perils and weariness of week five. Now Jeff's going to bring it all home.