Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get a Copy of Shiny Issue 2 for $1

Ok, so it's getting a bit late in the week, but there's still a couple of days to go. If you'd like to check out my Aurealis Award winning story Cracks you can buy a copy of Shiny issue 2 for just $1.*

They've got a few other deals going at the moment, so have a look. Shiny is such a wonderful magazine. And it's good to see it ticking along. I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with them as a writer - and, hey, they've published two of my favourite stories (both of which came out better than they were, going in: thanks to some fine editorial guidance).

Yes, I'm finally starting to feel better* - which is good, because next week is going to be crazy busy.

*I tell you, the buzz of an award win really doesn't hold up well against a virus.


Jason said...

Congratulations Trent on your win! I'm very pleased to hear you received some no doubt very deserving recognition.

My apologies to both Paul & yourself for not being at Sci-Fi Sunday just gone. I was at the zoo...

Trent Jamieson said...

Thanks, Jason.

And no sweat, sometimes the zoo just happens.

Leon of Leichhardt said...

Where can I get one?

Leon of Leichhardt said...

OK, just ordered issue 2. Looking forward to reading it. So can you delete my last two (ahem) dumb posts? LOL.

Trent Jamieson said...

Ok, Leon. But they cracked me up! And sorry, I should have made the blog post clearer.
Thanks for buying a copy!