Tuesday, January 27, 2009

February and Beyond

Well I've a busy February ahead, and I'm still feeling quite poorly, though not as feverish as yesterday*.

Clarion South next week, then prep for tutoring at QUT, which shouldn't be too hard as I've all my notes from the previous semester, but there's a few new things I want to try to get my students trusting each other a little earlier on. I've found that if you can develop trust then you get more risk taking, and, let's face it, fiction that isn't taking risks is, well, kind of dull.

I'm also doing this at the Toowong Library on Saturday the 28th. Check it out, it should be fun. Toowong Library has a fond place in my heart, and not just because it's where I wrote the first drafts of two novels last year.

Talking of which, I've a new novel to start...maybe tomorrow.

*Last night I had the craziest dreams of Egypt and the return of my cat, Cosmo - whose disappearance a couple of weeks ago has utterly devastated me.

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