Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get a Copy of Shiny Issue 2 for $1

Ok, so it's getting a bit late in the week, but there's still a couple of days to go. If you'd like to check out my Aurealis Award winning story Cracks you can buy a copy of Shiny issue 2 for just $1.*

They've got a few other deals going at the moment, so have a look. Shiny is such a wonderful magazine. And it's good to see it ticking along. I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with them as a writer - and, hey, they've published two of my favourite stories (both of which came out better than they were, going in: thanks to some fine editorial guidance).

Yes, I'm finally starting to feel better* - which is good, because next week is going to be crazy busy.

*I tell you, the buzz of an award win really doesn't hold up well against a virus.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

February and Beyond

Well I've a busy February ahead, and I'm still feeling quite poorly, though not as feverish as yesterday*.

Clarion South next week, then prep for tutoring at QUT, which shouldn't be too hard as I've all my notes from the previous semester, but there's a few new things I want to try to get my students trusting each other a little earlier on. I've found that if you can develop trust then you get more risk taking, and, let's face it, fiction that isn't taking risks is, well, kind of dull.

I'm also doing this at the Toowong Library on Saturday the 28th. Check it out, it should be fun. Toowong Library has a fond place in my heart, and not just because it's where I wrote the first drafts of two novels last year.

Talking of which, I've a new novel to start...maybe tomorrow.

*Last night I had the craziest dreams of Egypt and the return of my cat, Cosmo - whose disappearance a couple of weeks ago has utterly devastated me.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I know, it's been a while. But I'm back. Was going to blog about the Aurealis Awards this morning, and the rather disquieting news that I'm teaching at Clarion South next week, but I woke up at four in the morning having come down with something utterly horrible of the every muscle in my body aching variety. Let's put it down to a weird mixture of virus and shock.

The Aurealis Awards were a hell of a lot fun, and I came home with one of them which was unexpected, but very nice. It was good to see Cracks get an award for best YA short story, and even better to see Shiny acknowledged, I think it's a fantastic magazine. Interestingly, this is my second win at the AAs, and both times the stories were edited in part by Ben Payne - Ben, I might get you to come live in study.

I was in a wee bit of a state prior to the awards, in part because I've been feeling ill the last few days, and mostly because I'd received a phone call from the folk at Clarion South asking if I could fill in for Kelly Link and Gavin Grant's first week at Clarion. Now, there's no way you can ever fill in for Kelly and Gavin, there just isn't. And I'm a very different (putting it bluntly much less successful) sort of writer, but I think I can add something to Clarion, even if it's only a sense of obstinacy, I've been plugging away at this for fifteen years, and I'm really only starting to see some success, so maybe I can be an illustration of as much what not to do as what to.

And, besides, there's Jeff Vandermeer coming in at week six to pull it all together - and who's not going to be excited by that?