Monday, December 08, 2008


was a weird day.

Seems I'm a finalist in three categories of the Aurealis Awards. I'm not sure how that happened but there you go.

I'd just like to thank the editors who picked up those stories, worked them to a nice shine, and deserve most of the kudos. I just write them, and send them out, which is all you can do really. But these are the people who, through great cost in time (and, in most cases money), slush, edit and get these stories into the mystical world of readers - where every writer hopes their stories will end up, but you never know, you just don't, and you can never tell which stories people are going to like (well, I can't) which is a good thing because otherwise that's all you'd ever try and write which would be very dull indeed.

So thanks to Alisa, Ben and Tansy who edited Cracks and published it in the wonderful Shiny magazine, which is one of my favourite magazines, and has a fourth issue out now, which I would have blogged about ages ago - if I hadn't been so neglectful of Blog.

And thanks to Terry Martin who edited and took Day Boy for Murky Depths - a magazine I think just keeps getting stronger, and one I was very pleased to be published in.

And thanks to Damien Broderick, who took Delivery, and who is not only something of a literary hero of mine, but has been taking some great SF for Cosmos Magazine: and allowed me to fulfill my dream of being published in the closest thing going to Omni Magazine.

I don't expect to win, so I reckon I may as well thank these people now, because the finalist thing is really about the editors or nothing would ever see print. And if it can validate the magazines, and maybe increase the readership a little, it means that these markets may stay around so that they can publish more stories (hopefully some of them mine).

And cheers to Margo, Tansy, Marianne, Dirk and Richard, fellow ROR folk, and all finalists - and in some cases in the same category. Not to mention the multi-nominated Sean Williams, Deb Biancotti and Kim Westwood. And Jack Dann. And Angela S, and Lee B, and Cat S. And everyone else on the lists which can be found here, and which reminds me how many people I am going to be very pleased to be catching up with on the night - because it really is just an excuse to have a very big party.

*Though, if I do win something, well, then it will be all about me!


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Trent Jamieson said...

Thank you. It is rather nice. The best bit is that I know that at least five people read each of these stories :)

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Wilson said...

Trent: congratulations on making it as a finalist (3 times!) in this year's Aurealis Awards. And thanks for the nice comments about COSMOS magazine; I consider the comparison with Omni to be praise, as I was a big fan of the mag.

In response to your piece, "Delivery" (from COSMOS June/July 2008) making it as a finalist, we've published it online ahead of schedule.

Hope it gives it a boost!


Wilson da Silva
Editor, COSMOS magazine

Trent Jamieson said...

Thanks, Wilson!

And thanks for publishing the story in the first place, Wilson. It's great to have such a supporter of SF publishing science fiction.

Cosmos is definitely one of my favourite magazines and one I can honestly say I read from cover to cover.

Trent Jamieson said...
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