Monday, December 08, 2008

Today began

with shit.

Poor Ernie had gotten a dose of the runs in the middle of the night, and not being able to get out, well, lets just say the living room and the study were a rather delightful tableau of crap.

Of course, I discovered it with my feet. I've never seen so much shit. Six-o-clock in the morning, and me a little hung over from the staff xmas party, and there I am mopping the shitty floor, and then washing crap from the matted fur of Ernie, a whole plug of which had formed around his bum*. Just lovely. And he wasn't enjoying it either. Finally, he was cleaned, I had a shower, and some codeine, and found another turd with my heel. Not so good for your hangover.

At least Ernie's stomach has settled, and his fur has never looked cleaner. So everyone's a winner.

*Yes Ernie could never survive in the wild, his bowels would block up after a few months, man's best friend really got screwed over on that score . Ziggy on the other hand is short haired, and wily, and while a sea eagle or a snake would find him a nice meal, I'm certain he would live till a ripe old age.


graywave said...

Wow. What with the Aurealis shortlistings (triple congratulations by the way) and Ernie's Night of Shame, your life must feel like one big roller-coaster ride!

Ain't dogs wonderful.

Trent Jamieson said...

Yeah, I love my dogs. They won't let you get away with anything.

And thanks for the congrats!