Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I know I keep saying it. But the novella is almost done - one tiny scene to write, a wee bit-o-spit and polish and it's done*.

I really don't have a clue if it's any good, but some of my best writing is in there - I reckon - and the story holds together (if you don't look at it too closely) over its 21,000 words. And I love it and loathe it equally, which is just about how I feel about all my stuff. But I figure self loathing is an important element in any writer's make-up, `cause, geez, if I didn't have that I would have given up ages ago.

Watched the Unforgiven last night. Realized that I had never seen it before, and it wasn't half bad - though it's sound track dates it somewhat, or, maybe I'm just too much of a fan of those early Morricone Western Soundtracks.

Right then, back to the novella.

Oh, and the Bathroom is finished. Last thing was done today - looks pretty swish.

*except, no doubt, for a bit of extensive editing.


Cat Sparks said...

Oh, so you've *finished* yours, have you? Mr Smartypantz... Mine is still a steaming pile of horse pukey.

Trent Jamieson said...

Yeah, well, I rather suspect that mine is a steaming pile of something.

Ah, Cat, this novella's really made me wonder if I actually know anything about writing at all.

How long do you reckon yours is going to be?