Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm drowning in books

at the moment. Wonderful books. Datlow, Link and Grant's Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2008. Christos Tsiolkas' Dead Europe. Neal Stephenson's Anathem, and now, Daniel Abraham's The Long Price Book One: Shadow and Betrayal.* It really is wonderful, perhaps the best fantasy novel I've read in years. This is the real deal, marvelous world building pared with a fine sense of character and evocative prose. If you haven't heard of it, I urge you to find yourself a copy now.

Every time I despair of finding a new fantasy to read something comes along and makes me realize that there are people out there still producing, original and passionate fiction. Paul Park was the last to do this for me, now Daniel Abraham has been added to my list of fabulists whose work I will hunt down until my eyes stop working and my heart beats out its last. His stuff is really that good.

*which was published in the US as: A Shadow in Summer


The Robinsons said...


Shadow and Betrayal is actually the first two books in the series, 'A Shadow in Summer' and 'A Betrayal in Winter', (or something like that) included in one volume.


Trent Jamieson said...

And, so, you're right!