Saturday, November 08, 2008

Clockwork Up At Pseudopod

My story Clockwork is live at Pseudopod.

This is a story I'm exceedingly fond of. It was harder in the writing than I want to say, and helped me work through a few issues that I had at the time - it was also first published in the Vision anthology Glimpses*, and received an honorable mention in that year's Aurealis Award, which is cool, but the main thing is, well, I reckon I grew up a little bit in the writing of it. And, if it seems a slightly awkward child now, that's what happens when you add time to the mix - appropriate, I suppose, considering the title.

Let me know what you think.

And a big thanks to Ben Phillips, who I know was a bit worried about pronunciations - and is actively seeking a Australian vocal talent, if you're interested - Australian pronunciations are hard enough for Australians, just how many of you know how to pronounce Coraki or Indooroopilly?

*another debt I owe that wonderful Brisbane writer's group.

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