Friday, October 10, 2008

Tis the end

of days. So how about that sharemarket, eh? Maybe we should start calling it the scaremarket. Oh, and that's it for me ordering anything from the US in a while - seems like near parity of the dollar was nothing but a dream - gotta start selling more stuff OS.

Still flat out, but creatively flat out, writing synopses, which seem to take up an awful lot of synapses, and getting through my draft of Iron Temple - which should be finished by the end of the month, then redrafted, polished and what not in November. It's looking good, if a little messy, and a little rambling, but all my early drafts are like that. Oh, and I'm working on too many other things, but I'm kind of liking that - the living ones will clamber to the top, the others will expire and slide away to be either resurrected or forgotten.

I've been reading Extraordinary Engines, Nick Gever's steampunk anthology, and what a fine book it is. Standouts so far are Margo Lanagan's Machine Maid, which I can only describe as a Colonial Australia, Steampunk On Chesil Beach, but bloodier. And Jeff Vandermeer's Fixing Hanover, which was wonderfully and terribly sad. The Jeff Ford is pretty good too.


Ben Payne said...

I concur on Machine Maid and the Vandermeer. Both awesome stories.

Machine Maid is my favourite thing Margo's written.

Trent Jamieson said...

Machine Maid is up there for me too. I feel that Margo just keeps getting better, and while the writer in me bristles with jealousy, trent the reader rejoices.