Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It's all thunder and lightning outside - a real Brisbane storm, and yes, I'm an idiot for writing this now, but hey...

My contributor copies of Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy 4 arrived in the post today. A wonderful thing to find in the post box after a day's work. Even more wonderful, of course, are the contents.

I really regret that I hadn't read Rjurik Davidson's wonderful story Domine until now. Most of the others I had read in the original incarnations, but this story was new to me. What a beautiful short story it is, and reason enough - as though you needed any more reasons - to buy yourself a copy of the Year's Best.

Domine possesses such elegant and economical prose, and a wonderful symmetry. There's no thunder and lightning, except that most powerful sort, the type that strikes your heart and slows its beating until it becomes a clenched and knotted thing, released to beat again only by the story's ending. I've not read as fine an exploration of fathers and their sons in a very long time. Stories like Domine are one of the reasons I still read Science Fiction.

Hunt down a copy.


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Ben Payne said...

Domine is without doubt one of my favourite stories of recent years... it was my pick of last year, probably, along with Grace's Knowledge.