Thursday, July 17, 2008

R.L. in the Shadow of the Valley of

Still feeling the rewrite love. I've about sixty thousand words staring at me now that I'm reasonably happy with, and a slight hole in the middle of the ms -- partly due to the removal of a couple of characters as well as some messy POV interludes -- that I'll be spending the next week patching up.

Who knows, this book might be okay. I'm certainly much more conscious of the beats of the story in this draft, not to mention the characters keep whispering in my ear, and their whispering has been mighty consistent.

Of course, the novella has languished a bit this last couple of weeks, and I'm still waiting on some feedback on the Players - which is vexing, not least because I think I may have dropped the ball on the book. They're the two things that are going to keep me occupied writing-wise until at least November.

Finished Joe Hill's "Heart Shaped Box" thought it was pretty fab, nice brooding horror. Will be very interested to see what he writes next.

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