Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fragments of a Blog or Bloggish Fragments

Ziggy survived his visit to the vet, though less intact. Spent last night fretting over him, so didn't sleep that well, but I did manage to finish Spook Country. One of the things I love most about Gibson's last couple of books is the development of his elegant yet spare writing style. There's something haunting about it like walking through a low key but all pervasive and persuasive dream. Beautiful stuff.

Bought the new Shearwater album today. It's as gorgeous and haunting as Palo Santo, and just as that album has (and still does) I'm sure it will accompany me on many walks, and, as is appropriate for an album called Rook, it has gotten me thinking about a certain bird project that's been rumbling in the back of my mind for over a year now - if only I had time!

Tomorrow is Wordpool Thursday, looking forward to it very much.

Of a similarly aural nature I heard from Pseudopod this afternoon, they're taking my story Clockwork. I loved what they did with Tumble and I reckon this story is even more suited to reading, and it's one of my most personal stories. Very excited to see how it'll turn out.

Was reading a review of Dreaming Again in the June Locus today, apparently I'm a newer star on the Australian SF landscape with Margo Lanagan, and Rjurick Davidson - well I should be so lucky. Rich Horton's review put me in a very good mood indeed. Not least because he points out some of the stories that he enjoyed including a couple of Rorettes' tales.

Far too tired for blogging. The novel rewrite though is going well. Ziggy's restlessness wasn't the only thing that kept me awake last night, I kept running through scenes in my head. I'm starting to live the book, which I'm sure Diana is finding very pleasant.

And it's only going to get worse.

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