Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back Announce

Back from a marvelous holiday driving around Christchurch, not to mention spending a day on the Tranzalpine train racing through the snow.

Lots of announcements to make (and one I can't say anything about yet, but has me very happy indeed).

First of all there is this. I'm still not sure how I ended up there, but if an anthology with that line-up doesn't lift your game then nothing will. Now, I just need to finish my novella, it's the most space operaish thing I've ever written - but I think it has a real heart - so if I manage to pull it off, I shouldn't look so lacking. Hey, and those other folk are going to be brilliant. Who wouldn't want to read a new Paul Haines novella? Or, for that matter something of that length by Cat Sparks? And that's not even mentioning Terry Dowling, or Margo Lanagan, or Louise Katz. (Performance anxiety, much?)

Then there's this. Murky Depths has some of the art spreads up on their web page at the moment. Aren't they pretty?

Finally, we have. If you've ever wondered if I could have ever been a worse writer than I am now, well... you can get a chance at Avid Reader on thursday the 10th of July where I'll be reading from my fifteen year old self's sword and sorcery novel Stilloch of the Jakorich. I've just dug this out of a tin chest in the laundry. Here's a sample, well a very rough synopsis.

The details for the event are below (I can't wait to hear what Kim and Josie reading!):

Thursday, 10 July 2008, 18:00 - 19:30

Special Juvenilia QWC Wordpool.

Meet authors Kim WIlkins and Trent Jameson and Josie Montano as they get in touch with their inner young adult. There will be music and illustration by Terry Whidborne and lots of juvenille fun.

Location: Avid Reader Bookshop Contact

email: books at
ph 384603422

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