Thursday, May 15, 2008


I think I've got my walking mojo back. If you're one of those people that read this blog regularly (ie my family, well they tell me they do anyway) this hasn't been the greatest year at the Jamieson household, a lot of health stuff in the main. Of course, there's been some excellent things going on as well, which is life - but you've gotta have a moan, haven't ya.

Well this afternoon, after another days rewriting (which at the moment is less rewriting more filling in holes with spak filler (tm) ) I grabbed Diana's mp3 (oh, yeah, I destroyed mine today, gravity and old style 20GB non-solid state mp3s not good, when the ground included in the equation. Now the only noise it makes is the hardrive scratching against the reader, is there a more Lovecraftesque sound of despair? I loved that player, we discovered Okkervil River together, we discovered the Decemberists and the Arcade Fire and now, all there is is scratch scratch scratch (so maybe, that is more of a rats in the walls kind of Lovecraftian noise than the cold whistling of a heartless universe, but it's rather dreadfull either way))* and walked out the door.

Half an hour in I wasn't thinking about anything, just enjoying the way it felt to climb a hill, (or dodge a car because I wasn't paying attention to the traffic). I came across a young scrub turkey digging up someone's front yard, we smiled at each other, the world was good.

And it still is.

*do you remember where that sentence started, holy suspended sentence, Batman.**

**yes, I am highly whimsical today. Fey even.

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