Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pattern Recognition

I've just finished reading William Gibson's Pattern Recognition. This book has taken me far too long to read, but not through any lack of the text, more through the place I have been over the last couple of months. Anyway, if you haven't read it, I can highly recommend it.

Feeling in need of a bit of debrief I trawled the net and found this in an interview with Gibson on his webpage:

Something that started with Pattern Recognition was that I†discovered I could Google the world of the novel. I began to regard it as a sort of extended text — hypertext pages hovering just outside the printed page. There have been threads on my Web site — readers Googling and finding my footprints. I still get people asking me about "the possibilities of interactive fiction," and they seem to have no clue how we're already so there.

There is something there. I'm not quite sure what I'm thinking, or if I'm just bumping into the obvious about fifteen years behind everyone else. But there's something incredibly liberating and terrifying in the notion.


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