Monday, May 12, 2008

Ok, so the house isn't that Clean

I just saw Ziggy trot past my door with these things:

A sock.

A shoe.

A plastic bag from the bathroom bin.

The lid to the bin.

And, finally, a bra.

Ah, the little scamp. I think he might be building something.

Yes, I am positively looking for distractions today.

Oh, and now he's dragging the cat around the house. The cat that is almost twice his size.

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CathB said...

A bra?? Have you been leaving your bra's lying around the house again? Deary me boy!

The first sign of procrastination is cleaning the house. The second sign is me reading your blog and commenting hahaha.

Trent Jamieson said...

Ha! I believe the correct term is manzier.

Fingers crossed that today is more productive: there's stuff I want finished!