Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stylish Togetherness

Most of the time I feel that every writer I know has it more together than me. They've got some sort of Master Plan, while I'm just stumbling along whistling, tripping over a whole heap of stuff and scuffing my shoes. So it's always nice to read something like this on Justine Larbalestier's altogether sensible and entertaining (even if she likes cricket) blog.

Or this on Neil Gaiman's blog. My favourite line being: Style is what you get wrong, that makes what you do sound like you.

I'm not one for advice: which doesn't mean I don't listen to editors or peer at good old Strunk and White. But I like (somewhat perversely) to see what other writers do and feel paranoid that my "process", comparatively, is made of little more than twigs and sticky tape (when I'm lucky enough to have a roll and not even the good sort, but the stuff that sticks to itself and your fingers most of the time).

To all those people who've told me how much they liked (or disliked) the podcast of Tumble, thank you. I've been absolutely bowled over that people have taken the time and effort to let me know. That little story, which was utterly, utterly troublesome and contrary, has had more legs than I ever expected it to.

And once again, if you haven't tried to submit something to Pseudopod (or its kin) you really should. They've been a pleasure to deal with, and who doesn't want more of an audience?

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