Friday, May 16, 2008

Excellent Days of Which there Should be More

Caught up with my friend Grace today for coffee, then had lunch with Diana, and while she ran off and sorted out some errands of excitementitude, I even managed a couple of hours writing and sorting out two things of troublesomeness.

Looks like we might be off to Christchurch soon, and soaking in the mountains of the South Island, which is always exciting to a boy who grew up here* and didn't see snow until he was thirty three, and who has a book to write which has a lot of mountains in it, and who never gets a real Winter because he lives in Brisbane where the biggest mountain is this (I mean, some people are taller than that!).

Oh, and then I bought some James Squire Amber Ale, which is why I'm writing this I suppose.

*and what the hell is the deal with this picture? I'm telling you, we didn't spend much time hanging out in fields in formal gear.

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