Friday, May 02, 2008


Things are still crazy in Casa Jamieson. But they're starting to settle down, we hope.

Wasn't much up to writing today, you know how it is: managed a couple of hours, then spent the bulk of my day, getting things ready to be sent off. Had a rejection yesterday that spurred me to action - also got me thinking about some of the weaknesses of my prose. You need those sorts of rejections every now and then (sure, you don't want them, but you need them).

Writing's all about choices and sometimes you need someone to ask you why you chose to do something a certain way. And then, you really don't want to have to answer, because I was being lazy. That's a bad answer.

Beginning the flood of shorts that are going to make me look mildly prolific, Day Boy should be available here, any day now.

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