Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Beer and a Nice Review

Beer being one of my favourite things, I am quite pleased that I can actually indulge myself again. While I was sick I didn't touch a lick of alcohol, which was fine, sore throats and beer don't really mix - regardless of what you may have heard. But now I am back.

Just finished a really excellent Coopers Best Extra Stout, which does make the old Hahn Super Dry I am currently sipping on seem rather lacking, but when you tend to only buy a couple of beers at the bottleshop what can you do?

There's a rather nice review of my oddly autobiographical story "When I was thirteen I ate my City" over here.

My favourite bit of the review is this:

It might make even the old at heart decide to go on a rampage and devour a city themselves. Unfortunately, the city of Brisbane has already been consumed by the boy in the tale.

But there's plenty of other city's out there. So give it a go.

I don't know if I would have ever written this story but for Rob Hood. While I never submitted it to Daikaiju, I'm sure that's what planted the idea in my head.

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