Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sick 4

Hmm, it's been very quiet around here, on account of continuing illness, seems I've had a resurgence of glandular fever - well that's the gp's best bet, after a whole bunch of blood tests - something I picked up back in my late teens, like most people do.

If I ever have to choose between writing on the blog or scribbling me stories, the blog gets the chop, and I've only had the energy (barely) for the writing. It's been a somewhat hellish couple of months, imagine an ear ache and a sore throat for eight weeks straight, on top of some pretty debilitating fatigue, and you're kind of there.

Still, I'm just about finished a new novel*, and one I'm quite happy with, so it's not been all bad, just taken me twice as long as I'd anticipated, and the sore throat, other than the occasional flare up, is definitely on the decline. And I have been rereading my Fritz Leiber (Nehwon is a nice place to visit when you're ill). So huzzah, in a week or two I might actually be feeling normal.

*in fact I hope to see it done before the weekend, and then it's back to the kid's series, and it's first rewrite, which will be a lot of fun, because I've fallen in love with that world.

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