Friday, March 07, 2008

Sick 3

So, I finally go to the doctors, get put on a course of antibiotics for the sore throat, and, as that gets better I get a @#%#ing cold. At least the middle of the day is ok.

Sure I shouldn't have gone to the laneway festival, but Okkervil River were playing and there was no way that I was going to miss that. And it was worth it. Three times now I've seen them live, and every time they've been brilliant, and every time they've had a larger catalogue of songs to play with - which was a problem with this show, because they only had forty minutes or so. I've never seen them phone it in, and these guys tour long and hard.

All my reading is comfort reading at the moment. Finally started on Steph Swainston's "The Modern World" I really think her stories of Jant and the Circle are some of the finest fantasy novels being written, and Jant has to be one of my favourite characters: joyous (when he's not being miserable) and brilliantly flawed. Steph has a beautifully direct and lyrical writing style. The Fourlands is a place I love as much as Middle Earth, Ambergris, and Nehwon. Hunt her books down and devour them.

Comfort listening too. Vampire Weekend are getting a serious listen, and the new Black Mountain album, In the Future, for those particularly bleak moments.

Even getting writing - well rewriting - done. So life isn't that bad.

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