Saturday, February 02, 2008

Shiny 3 is there to See

Shiny 3 is getting out and about and can be purchased over at the Shiny website here. What, you say, no Jamieson story! I know, I know.

But it's much the better for it.

The line-up for issue three is:

"The Future is Already Seen" by Katherine Sparrow
"Light on Water" by Lisa A Koosis
"Some People's Kids" by Sarah Totton

Shiny is such a wonderful e-zine, and I think it's found it's legs in this issue (which is not say, that I didn't thoroughly love the previous eds, but this issue has whole new Shiny thing going on, that is just incredibly Shiny).

Fill your inbox with a subscription now, because I'd like to write for this magazine again in the future - as I've said before, the Shiny editorial team is just such fun to work with.

Tomorrow, I'll be continuing my month of Shimmaron related material. I'll post up the first three covers, and explore why the Shimmaron books are popular with fictional characters. Don't forget you can buy these books here

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