Thursday, February 07, 2008


I've had a story up at Pseudopod for a couple of weeks now. And it's been a delightful experience. I don't think I've ever gotten as much of a response for anything I've written. People have loved it, and hated it, (which is fine, because I love and hate nearly everything I've ever written) but what has filled me with awe is how passionate people have been in their reactions. People that don't know me, don't know my work, but have actually committed their time to experiencing my story, and Cheynne Wright's reading. And then they've felt enough of an emotional response to comment.

It's easy to write, and forget that people actually read(listen to) your stuff, and that they might actually engage with it. Easy and a little dangerous*. Silence is a terrible thing when you send your story out into the world. A terrible, terrible thing.

So, if you're writing horror, or dark fantasy I'd recommend giving pseudopod a go (and they pay promptly, too)

*Of course the reverse is just as damaging.


Big Jim said...

I got here from Pseudopod. I have to admit, a lot of their stories don't really do it for me, but yours was FANTASTIC.
I think the what really got me was the worldbuilding. It was wonderful getting glimpses of this alternate place, just flashes really.
Do you have any other stories with the same general setting?
I'd love to read more.
Thanks for your work!

Trent Jamieson said...

Thanks! I'm extremely chuffed you liked it. A lot of people don't like that sort of worldbuilding, but I figure that's how most of us actually live our lives - the worlds a big mystery and you can only contain so much of it at one time.

I do have another story set in another part of that world, but it's looking for a home.

I also have a similar, at least in tone, story coming out in a Jack Dann anthology in June/July. The story's called the New Deal and is set in a world that's been swallowed by a giant egyptian snake god.

You've got me thinking that I should put up some links to stories that are available online.

Thanks again for looking me up.