Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What I did

. Spent a week in Lismore with the family, saw my youngest nephew smile, and dance, and be a real person.

.Wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

.Got a year older - how is it that this keeps happening?

.Started watching Deadwood, cocksuckers.

.Spent a week in Melbourne, caught up with old friends, and rediscovered why they were friends.

.Tracked down John Cheever, and the Great Ocean Road.

.Wrote the fragments of things that will become the stories that I write in 2008.

.Watched lightning shoot up out of clouds from a plane veering away from them.

.Drank too much - my, but Single Malt Scotch is good (thanks, V). At 35 it's time to start developing affectations, you can never have enough wankery in your life.

.Slept too little, and too much.

.Bought too many albums - but how glorious is Beruit's The Flying Club Cup?

.Got hungry for words again.


I've got a new story coming out here - which should be beautiful. Murky Depths is a lovely looking magazine, and I'm quite excited to see what they do with the story. If you've read Cracks, Day Boy is the bookend to that piece, though set in an entirely different world, and perhaps a little darker. It's not out until July, but check out the site.

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