Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ten Reasons to Buy Lost Shimmaron Novels: The Grandparent's edition

1 – They won't eat your grandparents.

2 – They're exciting – in a non-eating your grandparents way.

3 – They're cheap enough that your grandparents could buy them.

4 – They're light enough that they won't break your grandparent's wrists

5 – They have big grandparent friendly writing, so your grandparent's can read them to you.

6 – They're set in amazing worlds, some of which contain grandparents.

7 – Grandparents will be attracted to the bright covers.

8 – Imagine the joy on your grandparent's faces when they see you finish all the books.

9 – Imagine the horror on your grandparent's faces when they realise that Reason one was a fib.

10 – Every book sold helps an author who has had grandparents, unfortunately our books ate them. Help pay for our therapy.

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