Thursday, January 24, 2008


I've decided that February is the month of the Lost Shimmaron.

I've neglected this series of late, but I really am proud of the series. You can find out more about it here and you can order the books here.

And here, right here, is the cover and blurb of my book The City & the Stony Stars:

A gripping sci-fi adventure full of mystery, danger and heroism.

They weren't in Amethyst any more. They were somewhere else; somewhere that wasn't even earth. In the cloudless sky, two moons glowed, linked by a web of ice. But that wasn't all. A great iron crow flew overhead, it opened its massive beak and let out a terrifying cry.

Michael and Jackie are both woken by the same nightmare in which they are trapped in a frozen city; a place terrorised by giant metal crows and menacing ice statues. But dream soon turns to reality when the siblings find themselves cold and alone in Caprice, the city of their nightmare.

This month I'll be talking about the series (excellent for readers 8+), and my book - a book I am extremely fond of.

Yes, so, it's Lost Shimmaron Month.

Which is a series of incredibly fun books which can buy here or, better yet, get your local bookstore to order in for you. If you have any questions about the series feel free to email me at teacupthrenody at or in the comments below.

Tomorrow's entry will explain how buying any of the Lost Shimmaron Books will stop your head from exploding - a problem far too common and heretofore unreported in the daily media, though expect to read about it with all too worrying frequency in the next few months. That is, unless people start going here and buying these.

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