Friday, January 25, 2008

From Grue Scientist Jan 18: Doctors Say Head Explosion Epidemic Can Only be Stopped by Judicious Application of Lost Shimmaron Novels.

"Worldwide, child head explosions have been going through the roof," Dr Jenkins of the Headology Institute, Illinois, said late yesterday evening, then went off to eat a large donut, with extra chocolate frosting, followed by a caramel thick shake. Upon continuing (with mild indigestion), he explained. "Well, technically they're not explosions, but implosions. Kids just don't have enough stuff in their brains to keep their skulls from sinking into nothing. There's only one cure."

Dr Jenkin's then rushed off for another donut, before returning. "Are you still here?" He burped. "Oh, goodness, Yes, the cure! We've found that only copies of the Lost Shimmaron novels are effective in stopping this disease. You see they're so full of adventure that a kid just can't help but find their brain filling out, and the crisis is averted."

He then went off for another donut, and a chocolate thick shake. He didn't return.

You can buy your head-saving copies of The Lost Shimmaron Series Here.

The Awful Head Pop Poem

Oh, once I had a head
But books I rarely read
and now, it seems, I'm dead

The brain it will regress
if you start reading less and less.
It makes a dreadful mess.

So if you hear a pop
Read that book, don't stop!
Or mum will need her mop.

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