Monday, January 28, 2008

Aurealis Awards Ceremony

I know it was a few days ago, but I needed time to recover.

The Aurealis Awards were one of the highlights of a very wonderful week. You go to one of these things and you remember just how lovely everyone is in the sf "scene". Finally built up the courage to speak to one of my favourite authors, Chris Lawson (thanks for putting up with my drunken rambling). Also met Deonie Fiford and Bernadette Foley of orbit, both were extremely cool, and I shared Fantasy presenting duties with Bernadette. Also discovered just how funny Pamela Freeman is, and got to hang out some with my ROR family: that's always wonderful.

Ron Serdiuk and co deserve a pat on the back for such an excellent party. Thanks, guys.

You can check out the winners here

And Cat Sparks'* photos of the shindig are here.

*Who won best sf short (and the golden aurealis for best short) - YAY Cat!

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