Monday, January 28, 2008

Aurealis Awards Ceremony

I know it was a few days ago, but I needed time to recover.

The Aurealis Awards were one of the highlights of a very wonderful week. You go to one of these things and you remember just how lovely everyone is in the sf "scene". Finally built up the courage to speak to one of my favourite authors, Chris Lawson (thanks for putting up with my drunken rambling). Also met Deonie Fiford and Bernadette Foley of orbit, both were extremely cool, and I shared Fantasy presenting duties with Bernadette. Also discovered just how funny Pamela Freeman is, and got to hang out some with my ROR family: that's always wonderful.

Ron Serdiuk and co deserve a pat on the back for such an excellent party. Thanks, guys.

You can check out the winners here

And Cat Sparks'* photos of the shindig are here.

*Who won best sf short (and the golden aurealis for best short) - YAY Cat!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ten Reasons to Buy Lost Shimmaron Novels: The Grandparent's edition

1 – They won't eat your grandparents.

2 – They're exciting – in a non-eating your grandparents way.

3 – They're cheap enough that your grandparents could buy them.

4 – They're light enough that they won't break your grandparent's wrists

5 – They have big grandparent friendly writing, so your grandparent's can read them to you.

6 – They're set in amazing worlds, some of which contain grandparents.

7 – Grandparents will be attracted to the bright covers.

8 – Imagine the joy on your grandparent's faces when they see you finish all the books.

9 – Imagine the horror on your grandparent's faces when they realise that Reason one was a fib.

10 – Every book sold helps an author who has had grandparents, unfortunately our books ate them. Help pay for our therapy.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Pseudopod & Tumble

My story, Tumble, which originally appeared in Ideomancer, and then in Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2006, is now a podcast on Pseudopod. Check it out here.

From Grue Scientist Jan 18: Doctors Say Head Explosion Epidemic Can Only be Stopped by Judicious Application of Lost Shimmaron Novels.

"Worldwide, child head explosions have been going through the roof," Dr Jenkins of the Headology Institute, Illinois, said late yesterday evening, then went off to eat a large donut, with extra chocolate frosting, followed by a caramel thick shake. Upon continuing (with mild indigestion), he explained. "Well, technically they're not explosions, but implosions. Kids just don't have enough stuff in their brains to keep their skulls from sinking into nothing. There's only one cure."

Dr Jenkin's then rushed off for another donut, before returning. "Are you still here?" He burped. "Oh, goodness, Yes, the cure! We've found that only copies of the Lost Shimmaron novels are effective in stopping this disease. You see they're so full of adventure that a kid just can't help but find their brain filling out, and the crisis is averted."

He then went off for another donut, and a chocolate thick shake. He didn't return.

You can buy your head-saving copies of The Lost Shimmaron Series Here.

The Awful Head Pop Poem

Oh, once I had a head
But books I rarely read
and now, it seems, I'm dead

The brain it will regress
if you start reading less and less.
It makes a dreadful mess.

So if you hear a pop
Read that book, don't stop!
Or mum will need her mop.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I've decided that February is the month of the Lost Shimmaron.

I've neglected this series of late, but I really am proud of the series. You can find out more about it here and you can order the books here.

And here, right here, is the cover and blurb of my book The City & the Stony Stars:

A gripping sci-fi adventure full of mystery, danger and heroism.

They weren't in Amethyst any more. They were somewhere else; somewhere that wasn't even earth. In the cloudless sky, two moons glowed, linked by a web of ice. But that wasn't all. A great iron crow flew overhead, it opened its massive beak and let out a terrifying cry.

Michael and Jackie are both woken by the same nightmare in which they are trapped in a frozen city; a place terrorised by giant metal crows and menacing ice statues. But dream soon turns to reality when the siblings find themselves cold and alone in Caprice, the city of their nightmare.

This month I'll be talking about the series (excellent for readers 8+), and my book - a book I am extremely fond of.

Yes, so, it's Lost Shimmaron Month.

Which is a series of incredibly fun books which can buy here or, better yet, get your local bookstore to order in for you. If you have any questions about the series feel free to email me at teacupthrenody at or in the comments below.

Tomorrow's entry will explain how buying any of the Lost Shimmaron Books will stop your head from exploding - a problem far too common and heretofore unreported in the daily media, though expect to read about it with all too worrying frequency in the next few months. That is, unless people start going here and buying these.

Good Week

Just came back from a walk with the dogs by the river: ziggy and ernie are slumped on the stairs grinning like the lovely canine idiots they are. A beautiful, if muggy, afternoon. Diana is back at school, can't believe the holidays passed by so quickly. Time endlessly* astounds me.

This week has been a good week for various reasons. Last week was a bad week for various reasons. It's ridiculous, and instructive, how similar those two weeks have been.

Made my first story sale of the year to a very cool magazine. Don't want to jinx it until I see the contract, but this little pale duck is feeling very pleased with himself. That makes it six shorts that should see publication this year.

There are other writing things afoot, good and bad, but nothing I want to talk about right now. Except I'll be at the Aurealis Awards on Saturday, hope to see some of you there.

*well not endlessly, which is rather the point I suppose.

Happy Birthday, Veronica!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Saw the Police last night and they rocked.

I'm not a big fan of stadium concerts, I prefer a more intimate venue, give me the Zoo any day over Suncorp Stadium (where you'll get shouted at for standing and dancing, and getting in the way of those who prefer to rock sitting down) but they filled that place with sound, and it was good.

D and I sang till our throats were raw, and I remembered why the Police were my first pop love: those damn catchy songs.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What I did

. Spent a week in Lismore with the family, saw my youngest nephew smile, and dance, and be a real person.

.Wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

.Got a year older - how is it that this keeps happening?

.Started watching Deadwood, cocksuckers.

.Spent a week in Melbourne, caught up with old friends, and rediscovered why they were friends.

.Tracked down John Cheever, and the Great Ocean Road.

.Wrote the fragments of things that will become the stories that I write in 2008.

.Watched lightning shoot up out of clouds from a plane veering away from them.

.Drank too much - my, but Single Malt Scotch is good (thanks, V). At 35 it's time to start developing affectations, you can never have enough wankery in your life.

.Slept too little, and too much.

.Bought too many albums - but how glorious is Beruit's The Flying Club Cup?

.Got hungry for words again.


I've got a new story coming out here - which should be beautiful. Murky Depths is a lovely looking magazine, and I'm quite excited to see what they do with the story. If you've read Cracks, Day Boy is the bookend to that piece, though set in an entirely different world, and perhaps a little darker. It's not out until July, but check out the site.