Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rain & Headaches

It's day two of a particularly bad sinus headache, so I'm giving my eyes a break. Brisbane's been getting a bit of rain lately, not so much in the catchments which would be useful, but in the city itself.

Everything is green and gorgeous, and something that's flowering is getting right up my nose. The park nearby, where I take my dogs for a walk, has been producing some truly amazing fungi so it's not all bad.

Also, sold a story to Pseudopod today. It's one that's been very kind to me. Tumble. So far this story has been in Ideomancer, and reprinted in Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror 2006. I'm looking forward to hearing what the wonderful folk there make of it. Also in the middle of a story, set in the same world as Tumble, called Midnight, Two Men Cross Victoria Bridge. I'm digging it so far, it's dark and a little messy, so as long as it doesn't fall to bits in my hands I hope to find a home for it next year.

Talking of next year, 2008 is looking to be great for me. I already have something like five stories due out, not to mention my first kids' book. And there's more where that came from, baby.

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