Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Marianne's Straddie Stories

I'm going to start this straight out by saying I've known Marianne De Pierres for around ten years, and that she's one of my dearest friends: just so you know where my biases lie. But I've been thinking that it would be wonderful if one of the small presses published Marianne's "Straddie" stories. There's been three so far, Glimmer by Dark, Moonflowers at the Ritz, and The Flag Game. You can check out The Flag Game here.

Marianne has written some wonderful novels, and I'm totally digging the new Sentients of Orion series, but these shorts are the bomb. If I was a small press I'd be thinking, hmm, established audience, good fan base, maybe I should publish those "Straddie" Stories. They exhibit everything that is beautiful, warm and humane, about Marianne's writing, not to mention her precise and poetic sense of place. Marianne is not only brilliant at pacing a story she knows how to bring her settings alive, and set them alight in your mind.

It's in the novels, of course, those grounded living worlds, but the Straddie stories show something again. They bring out a different tone in what is one of Australia's most unique sf voices, and to see those stories together in one book would be a joy. What's more, a collection would probably encourage her to write more of them.

Just a thought, and maybe someone is already considering it, but if they're not, well, they should.

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