Monday, December 10, 2007

Congratulations AA Shortlisters

Congratulations to all the Aurealis Shortlisted authors. Looking through them it's so good to see so many people that I count as friends there, and excellent to see that what has been such a good year of sales for Cat Sparks is reflected in the shortlists. And very nice to see Ben Peek there, who has put out some of the strongest shorts I've read this year. You can check out his nominated short Black Betty here, or his new tale Possession here.

There's a an excellent ROR presence, too, with Marianne De Pierre's wonderful Space Opera Dark Space up for Best Science Fiction Novel, and Richard Harland's Special Perceptions up for best Horror.

And word to my mate, Chris McMahon, and his SF story The Eyes of Erebus, fingers-crossed for you, buddy.

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