Saturday, November 17, 2007

Okkervil River

March 1st Laneway Festival - Okkervil River. Tickets bought. Trent very happy.


Among Amid While said...

Trent, this blog is getting a little short on dog sketches. I was enjoying the dog sketches. Are the dogs okay? Oh yes, i see that they were walkable, just a week ago. Can you not walk and sketch at the same time?

Plus *hugs* for the grant. Of course, don't leave off writing to sketch. Although it might be just the thing if you're a little stuck, get the flow going again.


Trent Jamieson said...

Walking and sketching is too hard. The dogs are fine, and snoring away as I write.

Thanks for the *hugs* though its too difficult to sketch while being hugged.

Now, I've got story stuff to write.